Paper Solutions

Veritiv Paper and Print Management (PPM) Europe is a business of Veritiv, one of the largest paper distributors in the world. Through our incomparable international network of paper mills, you gain access to leading suppliers that specialize in the papers you need to elevate your business. We offer consistent availability, efficiencies, and top-quality paper to magazine, brochure, and catalogue publishers and other industries worldwide.


Saving you money on paper procurement

With paper often constituting more than half the cost of a print project, it’s imperative to source the most efficient and highest value paper at the beginning of the value chain. If your company has multiple national or global locations, and if you purchase high volumes of print directly, using either a centralised or decentralised order process, it’s likely that Veritiv PPM Europe can save you money.

Corporate Paper Solutions

Every year, our customers enjoy cost savings as a result of Veritiv’s paper management programmes. With access to an exhaustive range of papers, from newsprint to recycled paper to woodfree coated, Veritiv PPM Europe has an unparalleled perspective on the paper market and can utilise that knowledge to your brand’s best advantage.

Environmental Procurement
We are conscientious stewards of natural resources. We work with many European and North American paper mills and products that meet, if not exceed, the criteria you need to comply with your sustainability programmes
There’s more to being conscientious about your paper usage than picking a stock labelled “recycled” without fully qualifying it. Truly understanding the impact on the environment means knowing everything you can about the paper and its fibre. Is it legally harvested? Does it originate from a sustainably managed forest? Is it truly made from renewable resources? Is it Chain of Custody certified?
Paper Partners
Veritiv’s well-established relationships with premier international paper mills give us the neutrality and agility to pair your job with the right paper manufacturer every time.

Our paper offerings include:

  • Newsprint / NP
  • Improved Newsprint / INP
  • Uncoated Mechanical / UM
  • SC – A & SC – B
  • Coated Mechanical Paper / MFC, LWC & MWC
  • Coated Woodfree Paper
  • Uncoated Woodfree Paper

In all different brigthness levels, surface smoothness (glossy, mat, semi mat & satin) and substances (gr/m2)

Many grades are also available with recycled content


Chain of Custody Certifications

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)